Custom Conference Management App

CCA Global Partners, a leading cooperative for flooring retailers support several brands including Flooring America, Flooring Canada, International Design Guild and Floor Trader .  CCA sponsors conferences twice a year where members (store owners) get together with flooring vendors, business experts and CCA Global staff members to take advantage of education, networking and buying opportunities.  The convention has a jam packed agenda and they needed a custom built application to support multiple business needs.

The Opportunity

The convention organizers had used “off the shelf” convention apps for agenda and other common features, but found them lacking in terms of flexibility and features to address specific needs around ordering CCA marketing programs, managing meetings with business experts and distributing documentation. In fact, the initial business case for proceeding with the app was to reduce the printing costs associated with all the catalogs and materials members needed to receive.

What we built

We built the first version of the app in 2013 using Objective-C and a backend as a service provider, and then rebuilt the entire platform in 2017 to include a more modern iOS app, an Android app and custom backend with better feature, flexibility and security.

The app, in addition to supporting standard convention needs such as schedule, speakers lists, etc., provides a custom ordering system for program options, mobile queue management, participant communications, and other unique features. The app is a centerpiece of the convention experience for members and is universally liked.

Mobile App Features

  • Agenda
  • Custom ordering process
  • Mobile meeting queue
  • Document distribution
  • Maps
  • Pedometer
  • Other convention related information

Content Management System

  • Manage all convention data
  • Control mobile queue
  • Manage post-convention order processes



  • Swift
  • Android
  • Angular
  • NodeJS
  • AWS EC2, ECS, S3, Cloudwatch