Updating and Improving a Product Support App

The Spiegel Social Sewing app helps educate and guide users through the general usage of the exciting Spiegel sewing machine. The machine is one of the most advanced, Wi-Fi enabled machines on the market. App users have free access to sewing tutorials, stitches, patterns and much more. Also, the app and sewing machine can be connected and users can take videos and photos with the built-in camera. Those can be shared their projects with other sewing enthusiasts.

The challenges Spiegel faced

When we started working with Spiegel, the already existing apps (iOS, Android + Kindle version) needed improvement on functionality and UX. In addition, the server setup didn’t seem to fit their current needs.

The solution we offered

The first action was to review the applications and identify any issue. We then ranked those issues by priority. Some examples of issues would be the camera crashing upon first opening, or the menu button causing the app to freeze. During the UX phase we realized that confirmation pop-ups to guide the user were missing and the user experience was limited when connecting the camera.

We completed an app review on several different devices and operating systems. We also analyzed the current traffic to provide a server solution for their needs. We suggested moving from a large server to a medium/small server for the beginning. That allowed our client to reduce costs.

We continued the support with daily checks to make sure the apps were running smoothly going forward. Now we are discussing a Phase 2 of implementation, to further improve the apps.